Li, NanPatent Attorney

  • Education
    • Economic chemistry, M.S.
    • Chemistry, B.S.
  • Language
    • English, German, Chinese
  • Technical field
    • Mechanical Materials, Biochemistry
  • Career
    • Ms. Nan Li graduated from Kiel University, Germany, majoring in Economic chemistry and she has worked in IP field since 2007. Before joining our firm, she worked as a patent attorney in a well-known IP firm where she was responsible for various affairs related to patent application. Now she is the Manager of International Patent Filings in our firm.
    • Her practice includes various affairs related to patent application, and she is able to provide clients with international patent application layout consultation and training related to foreign patent application. Ms. Nan Li specializes in chemical industry, medicine, biochemistry, biology, and machinery. Ms. Nan Li has been working on domestic and foreign patent application, responding to office action, patent invalidation and reexamination, and third party opinions since she started her career. She has accumulated rich experience in practice and examination in the process of domestic and foreign applications, especially European and American patent application processes.