Sun, HuiPatent Attorney

  • Education
    • Mechanical Engineering, B.S.
    • Japanese language, B.S.
  • Language
    • Chinese, Japanese, English
  • Technical field
    • Mechanics, Telecommunication
  • Career
    • Mr. Hui Sun graduated from Dalian University of Technology, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He has been working in the IP field since 2008. He worked as a patent attorney in a domestic large-sized IP firm and handled Japanese patent affairs. After joining our firm, he is mainly responsible for patent matters for Japanese clients.
    • Mr. Hui Sun’s practice includes new applications, responding to office actions, requesting for reexamination, and patent invalidation. Mr. Sun specializes in automobile transmission, automobile parts, machining tools, agricultural tools, household appliances, medical devices, substrate processing and other mechanical fields, as well as computer hardware and software, telecommunication, etc.. Mr. Sun also handled a large number of Chinese enterprises' applications entering Japan, responded to office action and other matters, he has a deep understanding of Japanese application process.