Successful IP Enforcement of a European Company Represented by Foundin

[ 2022-07-12 ]


Written by Ming LIU



Recently, Foundin IP received an exciting first-instance judgment: a local intermediate court in China ordered the defendant, a local Chinese company, to immediately cease infringement of the exclusive trademark right of our client, a European company, immediately stop unfair competition, and compensate our client for the losses of CNY 300,000.


This European company holds a granted patent and registered trademark in China. Since the European company found that a Chinese company was selling and offering to sell similar products with its registered trademark on the website, and under suspicion of unfair competition, the European company entrusted Foundin IP to file patent infringement litigation against the Chinese company.


Foundin Lawyers fully demonstrated the expertise in IP legal services and rich legal practice experience during this infringement litigation. First of all, our lawyers collected and notarized the defendant's infringement evidence repeatedly and comprehensively, and the court determined that the defendant’s infringement was "intentional infringement" based on the above evidence. Secondly, our lawyers tried their best to collect relevant evidence of the defendant's benefits from the infringement and the losses of our client due to the infringement. In the end, our evidence not only proved that the defendant’s action constituted trademark infringement and unfair competition, but also brought our client a relatively high amount of compensation. Thirdly, our lawyers are detail-oriented in drafting the complaint, and clearly listed and explained the relevant facts and reasons. The judgment quoted all the content of our complaint in the decision.


The success of the European Company's IP enforcement in China reflects the fair trial of the cases by Chinese courts and equal treatment of foreign-related litigation subjects. It also shows the professional intellectual property legal service and client-oriented service concept of Foundin IP.