The issuing of the Guidelines of Standard Essential Patent License for Automotive Industry

[ 2022-09-15 ]

                                                                                                    Edited by Jirui Zheng(Ms.)


In order to further promote the high-quality and sustainable development of China intelligent connected vehicles(ICV) industry, to protect fair competition in the market and safeguard social public interest, the IP Committee of China Society of Automotive Engineers, the IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion Group, and the Working Group on Automotive Standard Essential Patents have jointly issued the Guidelines of Standard Essential Patents License for Automotive Industry (2022 version) (hereinafter referred to as the "Guidelines").


This guideline puts forward four core principles, including the principle of "Entitlement to Obtain Licenses at Any Level in the Industry Chain"(i.e.”license to all”). It also clarifies the calculating basis for reasonable royalties, factors of consideration, calculation method and the principle of limitation to aggregate royalty rates, which provides reference documents for licensing Standard Essential Patents in the automobile industry.


Please see the link below for the English version of this guideline. The Chinese version can be found from the Website of China Automobile IP Utilization Promotion Center.