Liu, ZhizhouPatent Attorney

  • Education
    • Electrical Engineering B.S.
    • Electric Power Engineering, M.S.
  • Language
    • English, Chinese
  • Technical field
    • Telecommunication
  • Career
    • Mr. Zhizhou Liu graduated from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University majoring in Electric Power Engineering. He began to work in IP field in 2020. Prior to joining our firm, he worked in a well-known enterprise where he was responsible for maintaining the Siemens PLC equipment as an engineer in Germany. Now he mainly working on patent application and analysis in our firm.
    • Mr. Zhizhou Liu is committed to solving IP issues. He has expertise in handling patent applications, analyzing and advising on office actions, providing efficient response strategies and suggestions, etc. He specializes in electricity, energy, photovoltaic, semiconductor, electronic communication, automatic control, electricity and related general machinery and electromechanical, etc. Mr. Zhizhou Liu is familiar with foreign patent application practices and he has provided a large number of domestic and foreign companies with professional services.