Ma, FeiPatent Attorney, Attorney-At-Law

  • Education
    • Law, M.S.
    • Mechanical Engineering, M.S.
    • Mechanical Design and Manufacturing, B.S.
  • Language
    • German, English, Chinese
  • Technical field
    • Mechanical Materials
  • Career
    • Ms. Fei Ma graduated from University of Paderborn, majoring in Mechanical Engineering and obtained her master’s degree in law from Intellectual Property Law Center in Munich, Germany. She began to work in the intellectual property field in 2007 and worked in a well-known law firm where she provided consulting services as a lawyer. She is responsible for dealing with intellectual patent legal cases in our firm as the Manager of Law Department.
    • Ms. Fei Ma is committed to solving intellectual property issues. Her practice includes patent application (non-litigation), patent litigation (defense, rights protection), FTO, patent invalidation, intellectual property consulting (corporate technology analysis, high-value patent portfolio management, technical background investigation on competing companies, etc.), and other legal consulting (technical contract licensing, transfer, filing, customs recording of intellectual patent). She specializes in mechanics, electronics, automotive and chemical engineering. Ms. Fei is an expert in the fields of technology and law industry, she is experienced in offensive and defensive strategies, technology mapping and portfolio management, especially good at IP analysis on competitor and current technology of the industry, etc.
  • Publications / Articles
  • Social Activities
    • Advisory expert of the China National Advisory Center for Overseas Intellectual Property Dispute Settlement