Jia, TianxiaPatent Engineer

  • Education
    • Polymer Science and Engineering, M.S.
    • Polymer Materials and Engineering, B.S.
  • Language
    • English, Chinese
  • Technical field
    • Mechanical Materials
  • Career
    • Mr. Tianxia Jia graduated from Loughborough University, majoring in Polymer Science. Prior to joining our firm, he worked as a project manager in a domestic IT company. Now he is currently responsible for translation of patent application, responding to office action, FTO search, reexamination, IP licensing and transfer as a patent engineer and foreign filing manager in our firm.
    • Mr. Jia works mainly on patent prosecution and advising clients on international filing strategies. He specializes in the fields of mechanical materials, chemical engineering, organic chemistry, biological (medical) materials, enterprise-level IT solutions, network equipment, big data, automation, Internet of Things, etc. Mr. Jia participated in major client’s patent management, helped domestic clients with foreign filing matters and helped them understand the difference in patent prosecution in different jurisdictions. In addition, he frequently represents our firm to attend international intellectual property conferences.
  • Publications / Articles