Yan, LiangPatent attorney

  • Education
    • Food Science and Engineering, B.S.
    • Economics, M.S. (Japan)
  • Language
    • Japanese, Chinese
  • Technical field
    • Mechanics, Chemistry
  • Career
    • Mr. Liang Yan graduated from Hiroshima Shudo University and he once worked in a Japanese manufacturing enterprise. He began to work in IP field in 2016 and is experienced in Japanese patent affairs in the field of mechanics, electricity, optics, chemistry, especially in the field of mechanical processing and manufacturing, auto parts, medical equipment, etc. Mr. Liang Yan is mainly responsible for patent drafting, translation, proofreading, filing new application, response to office actions, reexamination, and providing legal advice for clients.
    • Mr. Yan has handled a large number of domestic and international applications and office actions. He is familiar with the process of Japanese patent application and practice regulations.