Sun, XuanyuPatent Attorney

  • Education
    • Chemical Engineering and Technology B.S.
    • Chemical Technology M.S.
  • Language
    • English, Chinese
  • Technical field
    • Mechanical Materials, Biochemistry
  • Career
    • Ms. Xuanyu Sun graduated from School of Chemical Engineering and Technology. She began to work in IP field in 2018. She is responsible for patent new application, response to office actions etc. in our firm.
    • Ms. Xuanyu Sun has expertise in high-quality patent drafting, responding to office actions and reexamination, assisting marketing consultant in following up with clients, solving patent problems for clients, etc. She specializes in chemistry, chemical engineering, materials, medicine, biology, food, etc. She is especially good at finalizing and responding to office action on foreign patent cases in the fields of chemical engineering and materials.