High-end intellectual property professionals in China FOUNDIN IP is a full-service IP firm with years of experience and professional expertise,
providing clients with comprehensive and high-quality intellectual property solutions.

  • Worldwide partnerships

    Through cooperation with numerous global intellectual property agencies, Foundin IP has accumulated vast professional expertise.

  • Countries and regions

    With its expertise and meticulous service, Foundin IP is expanding its business to all parts of the world.

  • employees

    There are experienced employees working in Foundin IP, including patent attorneys, lawyers, paralegals and marketing team. They try their best to protect the intellectual property of the Clients.

  • % Granting rate

    The cumulative patent granting rate is 89%.

  • OA on average

    The number of OAs per application via us is below the average in China.

  • Invalidity analyses/
    FTO analyses

    Provides services such as FTO analysis to reduce the risk of patent infringement and prior art search and investigation to invalidate competitors' patents.

*(The above statistics is until May 2021.)